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Classic Deluxe Snow White Gel - 15 g

Classic Deluxe Snow White Gel - 15 g Click to enlarge
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Model: UVDSW15
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Mystic Nails
Expected delivery: July 26, 2024
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Suitable for bending Yes
Also cures in LED Yes
Soak-off No
Viscosity Medium
Covering ability Excellent
Curing time (UV) 3 minutes

The French white part is not that perfect immaculate white? If the white is applied thicker it does not cure properly? Too flowing viscosity hard to control?


Mystic Nails gives you the right solution now with Deluxe Snow White Gel. Simply the no.1. French white gel.


Blinding white crystalline structured unique French gel. Completely cures through even if used in thick layer.


  • medium viscosity

  • crystalline structure ensures complete control

  • flawless white




UV lamp: 3 minutes (min. 36W)


LED: 20 sec (min. 10W)


CCFL: 30 sec (min. 24W)




Extra Tip:


In case making short saloon nail on nail form there is neither Clear base structure needed nor Clear cover layer. After setting up the nail form build the nail bed with camouflage gel then shape the smile line by filing and finally create the white French part. After cleaning the tacky residue we can directly start filing the white part without having to cover with any clear gels beforehand. This way the Glossy Gel* comes right on the top of the entire nail ensuring the white to stay blinding snow white without any possible yellowing or fading. (Check the enclosed step-by-step.)


*Due to the flexibility of all Deluxe Gels the following glossy gels are recommended to be used on them: Luxury Glossy Finish Gel or ColorMe! Base/Gloss.






1. Apply Nail Prep and then Primer (and/or Acid Free Primer) on the natural nail.


2. Apply a very thin layer of Bond Booster Base Gel and “massage” the gel deep into the fibers of the natural nail with the brush. Do not clean the tacky residue after curing.


3. Set up the nail form and create the extended nail bed with Deluxe Camouflage Gel. After curing apply some Deluxe Natural Gel near the cuticle to give even more natural color for the extended nail bed.


4. Remove tacky residue after curing. Shape the smile line with a file. Remove dust and push the Deluxe Snow White Gel towards the wall of the smile line. Cure the white gel. After removing the nail form there might be some gel residue on the form as we put the white gel directly on the nail form and not on a clear (transparent) base. Put back the nail in the UV lamp (without nail form) for further 1 minute so that the white part can cure properly from the bottom as well.


5. Clean after curing. File the nail with a very fine file (minimum 180 grit or even finer) to reach the desired form and finally cover with glossy gel (Luxury Glossy Finish Gel or ColorMe! Base/Gloss).




Notice: The usage of Deluxe Snow White Gel is absolutely the same as for all other French white gels. The extra tip and the enclosed step-by-step series only highlight the unique features of this white gel showing alternative ways for its usage.

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